In spite of the success, this reality television show can't escape controversy, and lately the position of Masterchef with veganism has taken the spotlight.

As you all know, this program presents a fierce competition, culinary, in which 12-14 participants prepare dishes, high level, in order to obtain the title of Masterchef, the recognition by a panel of experts and a cash prize. 

Masterchef and consumption trends

Masterchef is one of those TV programs with which it is more easy to fit in, after all, have been on the air for many years, and the proposal still like it, in fact, the pattern of television has barely changed over time, and has even been copied.

But today, there are many alternatives of consumption that factors such as ideology or religion determine, and people can show some fanaticism to them. 


jurado masterchef rumania

Others, however, may be intolerable, especially when the precepts of the trends are not consistent with the activities of daily living. 

And this was precisely the experience of a chef vegan named Alex Lenghel, who was participating in the program MasterChef Romania, and had to leave the competition when he was asked to prepare a piece of meat.

“Should leave immediately”

Alex is a famous chef, but it is also vegan, model and athlete, so no cost to be selected to be part of the famous program. What no one would imagine, is that this will refuse to meet the challenge of deletion, because it defends the idea that the meat cooked belongs to “animals killed for pleasure.”

For a moment, this participant believed that the judges were going to respect your decision, after all, the elections are about the consumption and preparation of food is generally respected. 

Unfortunately for him, it didn't happen this way, because it only got a challenge on the part of the judges, who wanted to force him to cook. In fact, one of them indicated that if not cooked that he was going to be there immediately.

alex masterchef

The principles are not negotiated

Before this unfortunate fact, Alex had to make a difficult choice, or to make the meat you were applying for, or retire, and opted for the second. 

Even, stated that the competition was over for him, as it has a vegan lifestyle that aims to defend and maintain, since it made a commitment when engaged in the world of the kitchen. 

Through their social networks, the former participant vegan of Masterchef said “I regret nothing”; for what you believe you made the right decision.

Massive support and the beginning of the controversy

The opinion of the public has not been made wait, and Alex will rain down messages of congratulations and admiration in their social networks, as many have rejected this response “Anti-Vegan”.

In addition, the participant achieved an excellent image in the viewers, who believe that today it is difficult to see how people are attached to an ideal television. And more, when it comes to go in defense of animals, a subject that causes discomfort in all societies.

Of course, there are always conflicting opinions, which seek to discuss the responsibility of the program Masterchef in the situation.

The opposing party, insists that this is a program where the chef must show his versatility and skills, and the flesh of an animal is part of the diet of most people.

Also of note is the fact that Alex never hid the program, your style of life, on the contrary, was identified as a vegan from the first moment, and you never did think that it could be a limitation to the time of serving.

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