From now on, the bars and restaurants they will have no excuse to offer no alternative vegan in their establishments. The supermarket chain aimed at catering has just launched its own line of plant products.

Consumers are becoming more aware of what they eat and are more concerned about animal welfare and the sustainability of the planet. In the last 10 years, veganism has not stopped growing, and there are many restaurants in which you can find tasty vegan dishes. But in most, it is very difficult to find options really tasty and nutritionally complete, beyond French fries and grilled vegetables.
In response to this need, Makro has developed a new line of vegan brand of its own, within your line of solutions from frozen.

New vegan products from Makro

In its wide range of vegan products for the catering industry, you will be able to find nuggets vegan, burguers or mince mince or alternative to the chicken breast, and shredded chicken vegan among others.

The brand claims that their products are made with high quality ingredients such as vegetable proteins, and retain the same texture as the meat, and a flavor very similar.

“At Makro, we are engaged in a process of continuous innovation to anticipate the needs of the clients and offer them products tailored to the requests of their customers, and respond to the trends of the society. For this reason, we have put the focus is also to launch new references free of animal protein and accessible to those consumers who follow a vegan diet can enjoy them at their bars and restaurants,” says the head of Own Brand of Makro, Enrique Diaz.



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