Today I will talk about the club more eco-friendly in the world, the Forest Green Rovers, an entity that has a stake in the sustainability and is the co-owner Bellerín.

If you have not what you know, there is a small club de futbol vegan -each time less small - that has been proposed to be sustainable for the environment. The name of the entity is Forest Green Rovers and currently plays in League Two, which corresponds to the fourth division of English football.

It is a different club who dreams of revolutionizing the football in an environmentally friendly manner and is presented as the first and only club vegan in the world. The Forest Green Rovers is current through the fault of a Spanish footballer of first level, Héctor Bellerín, who has signed for this team.


Bellerín does not go to the team with the role of player, but as the second-largest shareholder of the entity. The footballer, who combines his profession with his personal side more environmentally friendly, it has become part owner of this club soccer vegan. The side English, which has shown its commitment to the ecology recently raising funds for the planting of nearly 60,000 trees in the amazon rainforest, goes a step further to "raise the environmental agenda in football."


Who are the owners of the first football club vegan?

The owner of the club is Dale Vince, a billionaire and founder of Ecotricity, a company of the renewable energy that is still the owner. Vince was the one who turned the club, founded in 1889, when in 2010 he bought it and changed his philosophy of radical form.

Bellerín played a few years ago a friendly against this team and fell in love with at the time of their ideas, which with the passage of time has led him to become its co-owner.

Your club stands out for being the most environmentally friendly in the world. From solar panels and charging points for electric vehicles at The New Lawn ,your current stage, until his vegan menu for both players and fans.

Vegan menu for players and fans

The Forest Green Rovers replaced the animal product for veggie burgers freshly made, fajitas, vegan, and a menu rotating tasty vegan dishes of local origincreating a large impact on the fans, players and even in other clubs, as indicated.

What led him to take this step were the huge environmental impacts and animal welfare of the livestock and, in passing, that served to improve the performance of the players and give fans more healthy foods the day of the match.

A club 100% green

Currently, all the club works with electricity 100% green and neutral gas in carbon Ecotricity with solar panels on the roof of the stadium and the solar tracker in the entrance of the soil.
Even the grass on which you play is sustainable, free of pesticides and herbicides. The plot of the game is polished with the ‘Mow-bot’ the electric, a lawn mower electrical led by GPS, which works with energy extracted from the sun. And if that weren't enough, the club collects the water from the rain under the pitch for use in the irrigation system and not have to use water from the network. And in the surroundings of the stadium will provide charging points for electric vehicles.

The future of Forest Green Rovers: build the stadium, more environmentally friendly in the world

But his plan for a "veganizar football" goes far beyond the power plant. Your plan more ambitious for now, it is the stage that wants to build under the name Echo Park. "The football stadium greenest in the world", defined by the Forest Green Rovers. For the moment, it already has a planning application and wants to get the permission to build it.

This majestic stadium is designed by the world renowned architects Zaha Hadid Architects and made almost entirely of recycled wood, will be the first of its kind in the world. Will have a capacity for 5,000 fans and is located in a park where you are planted around five hundred trees and 1.8 miles of new hedges.


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