In the world of arts, entertainment, and in sports, there is a growing number of celebrities who are vegan.

The reasons are many: a healthier lifestyle, eating better, because the sports training requires it, or simply to feel good about themselves.

Vegans most famous

What is certain is that the list of famous vegans is very large and interesting:

Joaquin Phoenix

Without a doubt, the most famous of all the vegans in Hollywood.

Joaquin Phoenix descends from a family of missionaries, naturalists and from 3 years of age has been declared a vegan, and has used his fame within Hollywood as a fervent activist of the life of vegan and as a strong advocate of animal rights and is a partner of PETA.



Miley Cyrus

The explosive and controversial singer turned to veganism after the death of his dog named Floyd, since then he has embraced veganism and the defense of animal rights.


Natalie Portman

The winner of the Oscar for Black Swan embraced veganism as of 2009 after finding out about the animal abuse on the part of the food industries.

Since then he is an activist and prominent that it has participated in documentaries on the topic.


Brad Pitt

The star of Se7en is a fervent activist in favor of veganism and animal rights.

Is convinced that veganism is a wise philosophy of life to live a healthier life.



This popular musician is another fervent vegan for over 30 years and on many occasions he has participated as an activist in various campaigns in favor of a diet without animal protein.


Pamela Anderson

The former star of Baywatch is animal rights, activist, and advocate for the vegan lifestyle. On many occasions she has been involved in campaigns for PETA and in initiatives in favour of animal rights.


James Cameron

The creator of the Terminator is vegan since the year 2012 due to his concern for the environment, the meat industry and climate change.

As part of his commitment to veganism and animal rights was involved in a documentary to raise awareness among the general population about the harmful effects of consuming meat.


Lewis Hamilton

The champion of Formula 1 embraced veganism since the year 2017 after taking consciousness for the environment and the performance of the meat industry. It has been involved in campaigns for PETA awareness at the global level. 


Michelle Pfeiffer

The acclaimed actress is vegan for many years, and says that thanks to their diet free of meat keeps your skin fresh and young.


Venus Williams

The world champion of tennis, Venus Williams became vegan after being diagnosed of suffering from Sjogren's syndrome, a disease that results in joint pain and extreme fatigue.

After leaving the animal protein from his diet, he was able to regain your energy and to reduce considerably their physical ailments, which helped to maintain their reign in the tennis world.


Bill Clinton

After suffering from cardiovascular problems that forced him to undergo a bypass of the heart, the former president of the united States adopted veganism as a way of life.

Thanks to this substantial change in your diet, fruit and vegetables, the former governor had regained her quality of life and since then is shown as an enthusiast of this philosophy of life.


Novak Djokovic

The controversial world tennis champion is a fan of the vegan diet, which he attributed the reasons to stay in shape and with a lot of energy, and quickly recover from injuries and cramps.


Dani Rovira

More and more people choose to abandon the consumption of animal flesh and opt for a diet based on fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and vegetable protein. Dani Rovira is one of them, as has been expressed in different occasions. Recently has wanted to be put back on the table the question of the need to stop eating animal flesh.

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