Being vegan is a very personal decision and significant for many people and can be hard to deal with the rejection and criticism when the majority of people in your environment does not share your beliefs and values.

However, there are some things that you can do to handle the rejection and criticism more effectively, and maintain your determination to keep on being vegan:

  • Remember why you're vegan: It is important to remember that your choice to be vegan is based on deep beliefs and personal values. This will help you stay firm in your convictions and not let yourself be affected by the rejection or criticism of others.

  • Be kind and understanding: Although it can be frustrating when other people don't understand your beliefs, it is crucial to be understanding and kind to them. Try to see things from their perspective and try to explain your beliefs in a clear and respectful manner.

  • Get ready to answer questions and comments: It is likely that other people have questions or comments about your choice to be vegan, and it's important to be prepared to respond politely and respectfully. You can prepare by looking for information about the benefits of being a vegan and being willing to share this information with other people.

  • Find support: At times, it can be difficult to deal with rejection and criticism when you are alone. Look for other vegans in your environment so that they can support each other and be supportive. You can also find online support groups or attend events for vegans to connect with others who share your beliefs.

  • Accept that you can't please everyone: It is important to remember that you cannot please everyone and that it is normal that some people do not agree with you. Accept that you can't control how other people react to your choices and focus your energy on living according to your beliefs and personal values.

Deal with rejection and criticism when you are vegan in a world that is predominantly non-vegan can be difficult, but there are some things that you can do to handle this situation more effectively.

Aguanta los golpes

Overcome rejection

It is also essential to remember that you are not responsible for how other people react to your choices and that it is normal to have differences of opinion.

Maintain a positive attitude and be respectful of others while defending your beliefs and values can help you deal with rejection and criticism more effectively.

It is also important to note that the rejection and criticism can be a sign that you are doing something valuable and significant.

Sometimes, when we make decisions that go against the norm or what is “popular”, we can face resistance.

But if you believe in something and are willing to work for it, it is possible that you will find that rejection and criticism are part of the process.

In addition, it is key to remember that rejection and criticism are not always negative. Can be opportunities to learn and grow, and can help you develop the resilience and the determination to move forward.

So if you face rejection or criticism as a vegan, remember that you are strong and able to handle the situation in a positive way.

Actitud positiva

A matter of attitude

Another way of dealing with the rejection and criticism when you are vegan in a world that is predominantly non-vegan is to try to maintain an attitude of empathy and understanding towards those who do not share your beliefs.

Often, people have questions or doubts about veganism and may feel intimidated or even threatened by the election of other people in live in a different way.

Instead of reacting with getting defensive or angry, try to understand why other people may feel well and tries to answer so kind and understanding.

It may also be useful to try to find ways to share your beliefs and values of a more subtle and effective.

For example, instead of arguing or trying to “convert” other people, you can simply share your own experiences and decisions and let others make their own decisions. 

Sometimes, just to show how your choice of being vegan has been a positive one for you can be enough to inspire other people to also consider making changes in their own lives.

In short, keep a positive attitude, be kind and understanding with others, find support, and accept that you cannot please all of you can help you maintain your determination and continue to be vegan with confidence and security.

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